Tagchagpuri is a solitude glacier-covered mountain significantly higher than the surrounding mountain ranges. The mountain has two summits, the NE-summit with its steep pyramid is the highest.

The strenous travel from Toze Kangri to Tagchagpuri was an adventure of its own. So we were actually quite undecided about whether or not to give Tagchagpuri a try, especially since we had not even planned to pass this mountain.

Panorama view of Tagchagpuri massif

Changes in our cycling route to a more Southern direction suddenly put the mountain in our view. As we passed the mountain across a wide grass plain to its North, with the mountain constantly in sight in front of us, the idea of attempting an ascent slowly took shape. Within one day we had decided to climb it...

Approaching the mountain from a large plain.

Almost there

Base camp in a gorge at the foot of Tagchagpuri.